QudUp combines our passion for technology and endurance sports.


Our first product MapTrack came to us on a mountain bike trip in 2008. Finding good trails by word of mouth and guide books meant flying blind. Things would be easier if we could just see a trail video, a map and interact with both. We looked around for something that did this, there wasn’t, so we built it. Today, content like the Leadville 100 footage helps racers experience the course before they ride it.

In late 2010, we built RaceDay as a way to capture the enthusiasm and hard work of our racer community. Using technology from MapTrack, we generate individualized videos by stitching together clips of a participant from around the race course. The videos are put up on our website for viewing and sharing with others. So far we've made videos for several thousand participants, from mountain biking to ski racing.

Changing the way events are remembered. One video at a time.




Irfan Khan

Irfan drives strategic direction, operations and new products.

Irfan Khan is a digital media and Internet platform entrepreneur. With 15 years of progressive experience in startups—from manufacturing to cutting-edge technology companies. Irfan has moved eight startups from idea inception to early market acceptance, seven of them as founder. Irfan is a managing partner at Agosto which he founded in 2001. Irfan competes in mountain biking and triathlons.

Emily Matejcek

Emily runs marketing and business development.

Emily Matejcek is an experienced and successful entrepreneurial business owner, marketer and public relations specialist. She possesses creative design talent management skills coupled with a strong comprehension of analytical and financial business operations. Emily also enjoys working in the non-profit arena.



Bob Black

Bob brings the ideas to reality and runs technology operations.

Bob Black has spent the majority of his career working with Linux systems as an administrator and software developer.  His tools of choice are python and a terminal window. His previous job was Senior Architect at Jumpnode Systems, a SaaS Network Management company.

Yoshi Katagiri

Yoshi leads our camera teams, and is our creative producer.

After film school Yoshi began working on film sets, focusing on cinematography and lighting. His talents soon grew into a sustaining career as Producer, Editor and Videographer for news networks and cable television. Yoshi's technical sense and creative techniques combine to deliver professional high-end videos.


Customer Feedback




I gotta tell you, those individualized videos are BIG! Have posted some stuff on facebook and people are all over it!

-John Munger, City of Lakes Loppet & Nordic Ski Foundation.




Dude, this is really cool.  I wanted to see how crowded it got ...this is a great resource and I appreciate it. 

-Mike Hughes